A Funeral is one of the major celebrations of a person’s life. it is where family and friends gather to honour their loved one and to bring comfort and support to each other.

As a funeral celebrant in Melbourne, I know how hard this time can be for family and close friends, as amidst your grief, you are also faced with the challenge of organising a fitting funeral service for your loved one. My role is to relieve the stress and offer guidance, ideas and the surety of a warm, meaningful and dignified ceremony.

And so when I am sitting with family members, often amidst the tears and photos, my goal is to take the time to learn as much as possible about the person they love and that together we can craft a ceremony which reflects his/her personality and style, passions, and beliefs, qualities and achievements, and respectfully acknowledges the impact he/she has had on their lives.

And whilst not in any way diminishing the sadness and finality of a funeral ceremony there can also be laughter amidst the tears as stories are told, photos displayed, and personal traits acknowledged in a respectful and sensitive way.

Music is also a very emotive and wonderful way to reflect a person’s style and to set the right tone for their commemoration service. A recent service concluded with many in the chapel singing and clapping to American Pie…and saying how perfect, because that was his favourite song.

There is no one way to celebrate a life….only the way that is right for each individual. 

And these days, funerals or memorial services, are not only held in churches or chapels. I have presided at ceremonies in theatres, memorial gardens, golf clubs, chapels, yacht clubs, hotels, reception venues and in private homes. Getting it all right is both a privilege and an enormous responsibility!

When done well, a funeral service can also really assist in the grieving process of those left behind.

And at the end of the day I love it when families come and say the ceremony was so beautiful and just the way he or she would have wanted it.

Because that’s the way I believe a Funeral should be.

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