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Funeral arranged by loving neighbours

A Story to Warm Your Heart!

The Sanctuary at Bunurong Memorial Park, was the perfect place to farewell George.

Jutting out over the lake, with fountains flowing and water birds saying hello, Bunurong was a peaceful restful place to acknowledge and celebrate George’s life and send him on his final journey.Bunurong funeral

What was even more special was that George did not have any living family, and his final celebration was arranged by his neighbours, who 20 years ago had welcomed George into their family, adopting him as a surrogate grandfather, and giving him a reason for living.

What a lucky day that was for George!

Not just once in a while, but every day at 3pm, George strolled down to their home to join the family for a cuppa and a chat, spoilt the kids and grandkids and later went home with his evening meal already prepared for him by Fay or Judy.

When George was not physically able to walk down to his neighbour’s home, Judy would ring George  every day to pick him up and drive him to and from their home for the cuppa. It was when George did not answer his phone one day, that Judy went up to his home and found him lying on the floor having suffered a stroke.  How lucky was George to have found such kind, caring, love and friendship from his wonderful neighbours.

And later when George became ill, this family, mostly Judy, went to see George every day in hospital, and then went to his home and fed and cared for his cat even lighting the fire to keep this moggy warm!!

Stories like this remind me why I love my role as Celebrant, so much.

Sharing the stories of caring and extraordinarily compassionate people who are all around us…..doing amazing things that we hardly ever hear about.

Rest peacefully George!