Naming Ceremonies. Welcoming Your Baby

A Welcoming Ceremony or a Naming Ceremony, is a good way for families and friends to celebrate the arrival of a new little bundle of joy and formally welcome them into family.

It is an opportunity for:

  • parents to acknowledge this new gift in their lives,
  • for siblings and grandparents to express their hopes and wishes for this little one,
  • and for all to understand the important role they can play in helping parents to bring up this child.

Godparents can also be appointed with the intention that they will take a special interest in this child as they are growing up

In some ceremonies, Candles are lit, gifts given, poems read, wishes declared, trees planted, songs chosen, doves or balloons released, stars named or many other symbols are chosen.

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A welcoming ceremony can be held at home, in a park, or whatever venue deemed appropriate to cater for young children.

I can give you many ideas, for your baby’s Welcoming. Just call me if you would like to discuss how I can help you further.

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